The 20th Century Onyx Club Inc.
The 20th Century Onyx Club Ball celebrating young ladies of African American decent in Ventura County for 59

Be a part of the experience!
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​The 20th Century Onyx Club
P.O. Box 933
Oxnard, CA 93032
​805 488 8290

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The 20th Century Onyx Club Circle of Memories
"In Memory Of Our

Beloved Founder And Sisters

Who Are Remembered with

Love And Sorely Missed"
Rozell Gaines

Geraldine Lyghts

Mattie Adams

Thelma Calhoun

Tempest Holloway

Gwendolyn Hunt

Samwella King

Honorary Members 

Phyllis Watson

Ernestine Hernandez
Martha White

Mildred White

Marie Tillman

​Marguerite Milton

Aleeth Johnson

Mildred Susan Morrison

Victoria Russell

Founder Ruth Gibson
Founder Ruth Gibson