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The 20th Century Onyx Club Ball celebrating young ladies of African American decent in Ventura County for 59

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The 20th Century Onyx Club Debutante Courts 
One of the highlights of the 2009 Debutante Court was being featured in documentary film called the “Girls in the White Dress”. It was exciting to have a film crew filming us, capturing the work we performed and what it takes to be a debutante.  

As a debutante a lot of doors are opened to me due to the connection I made. Our debutante court motto was “Once a debutante, always a debutante”. My overall debutante experience was fun, exciting and memorable. I made a lot of new friends and created a sisterhood with my debutante court.  

I had a wonderful time, met a lot of amazing people and was blessed in my life with the women in the Onyx Club.  

Ka'sha M. Crawford, 2009 Debutante Court

Debutants Share their Experiences:
The 20th Century Onyx Club Debutante Court 

 Miss Kayla Marie Ross
2022 - Mya  Simone Stewart

2020 - Kayla Marie Ross

2019 - Karen Scott

2018 - Riane LaShae Andrews

2017 - Teleaha Aheajha Elizabeth Burke

2016 - Ariana Mikaela Love-Gooden

2015 - Morganne Lilli Watson

2014 - Aiyana Aolani Brown

2013 -Ariana Celeste Gibson 

2012 - Cassia Cynthia Carter

2011 - Aleiahua D. Jones

2010 - Raven J. Rutledge

2009  - Briana M. White

2008 - Terri R. Bass, 

2007 - Alexandria M. Hall, 

2006 - Michelle A. Vaughan

My fondest memories was at coronation time I received the following honors: 1st Runner Up, Academic Scholar Award, and Miss Congeniality. 

However the greatest honor I received was to fulfil my  Aunt Victoria J. Russell's  wishes. Desiree said quote, "A wise woman once said, "Let go of your ego and let love in! When you do this, you will step into a village of welcome. 

Desiree Noel Gillespie, 2010 Debutante 

​2005 - Miss Candice Pinckney 

2004 - De'Shawna M. Chiles

2003 - Essence N. Porter

2001 - 2002 - Grenisha J. Holmes

 First New Millennium Winner
2000 - Alanna S. Flowers

1999 - Marina E. Rasnow-Hill

1998 - Khalilah C. Durias

1997 - Cheryl G. Gilbreath

1996 - Rayna N. Ward

1995 - Shawntay G. Skelton

1994 - Loumeisha Williams-Whiting

1993 - Michelle K. Boykin